A Look into the Past – 100 Years Ago Today!

March 12, 2019 Lots of customers and visitors who come into our Lyle, MN bank branch are struck by the beautiful, hand-painted, antique vault dating from 1915 when the branch operated as Farmer’s State Bank of Lyle, MN. What people don’t often get to witness are the original vault inspection logs posted inside the vault... Continue Reading →


10 Smart Financial Goals to Set in 2019

March 1, 2019 Commit to making your finances a priority and set financial goals for yourself. Make 2019 YOUR Year. Create a budget so you’re in control of your money Budgeting may not be your favorite hobby, but it can help you spend less than you earn. With a budget, you can stop wondering where... Continue Reading →

1901 – Our Lyle Branch

February 28, 2019 Sterling State Bank was founded in 1958, but the banking history in our Lyle, MN branch goes back much further! Officially the Sterling State Bank branch in Lyle, MN was first established as a Bank on February 7, 1901. At the time Charles G. Dawes (United States Comptroller of the Currency, a Department of... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Financial Resolutions

January 2, 2019 Take control this year and put your mind at ease knowing you are on top of your finances. Below is a list of amazing ideas to transition into some smart-move financial resolutions. If you ever need help getting your finances on track, call one of our experts at Sterling State Bank. We... Continue Reading →

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